The feet and brain. Schizoclub
The sessions of Tutu are odes to life, between pure adrenaline and the most genuine curiosity. Like windows that open to horizons both near and far, her sets run through the landscape with the same intensity that she lives other creative facets of her life. With a spectrum of sounds that range from bass house to cosmic trance, abstract grime, schizophrenic tribalism and acid techno, Tutu on the decks can go from underground dance to the most experimental sounds, which direct the feet and maintain the brain occupied with sensations that run skin deep.

Gemma Planell has performed under the Tutu pseudonym for a number of years, always displaying taste and personality, with her DJ sets putting into practice her idea of storytelling. Preferring to remain out the spotlight and away from media attention, she has forged a personal style heard in clubs and festivals, with online recordings of sets and mixes for radios and magazines that demonstrate her unique talents.

2018 performances
22.12. MACBA – Barcelona
03.12. MADEIRADIG Music Festival – Madeira
01.12. Nibiru, Mostra d’Art Avançada – Olot
10.11. MIRA Festival – Barcelona
03.11. BAE Dabadaba with Lena Willikens – Donosti
10.10. Unsound Festival – Kraków
23.09. TodaysArt Festival – The Hague
22.09. TodaysArt Festival – The Hague
21.09. Archipiélago, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía – Madrid
20.09. SHAPE Platform, Synapse Workshops at Meetfactory – Prague
19.09. SHAPE Platform, Synapse Workshops at Meetfactory – Prague
07.09. Nyege Nyege at Jinga – Uganda
22.08. Opening artist at Berlin Atonal, OHM – Berlin
08.06. Embassa’t 10 years Festival – Sabadell
02.06. Primavera Sound and Bowers & Wilkins 360, WARP Showcase – Barcelona
19.05. LAUT with XOSAR – Barcelona
05.05. Draft Turns 1 at The Loft with Makam / Talismann – Barcelona
07.04. Tutu B2B Philip Sherburne at Lapsus Festival – Barcelona
23.03. Ritmos Comunes at Sirocco – Madrid
17.03. MIRA Festival x Razzmatazz with Evian Christ, Andy Stott and Nosaj Thing – Barcelona
10.03. Closing artist at Mutek Spain with DJ Fra, Belief Defect, Byetone and Robert Lippok – Barcelona

2017 performances
15.12. Loophole at Laut with EVOL, LagOs, Faithful – Barcelona
29.09. The Loft with Actress – Barcelona
23.09. TodaysArt Festival – The Hague
22.09. TodaysArt Festival – The Hague
25.08. Laut Club with ELLL – Barcelona
16.08. Opening artist at Berlin Atonal, OHM – Berlin
27.07. Polivalents 10, Random at Hangar – Barcelona
21.07. Paraleloan with Lee Gamble – Donostia
15.06. Opening artista at Sonar Festival – Barcelona
09.06. Maravillas Club – Madrid
06.05. The Loft with Objekt – Barcelona
27.04. Lana Club – Gijón
19.04. Loophole at Moog Club with EVOL, LagOs, Sunny Graves – Barcelona
11.02. Mutek Spain – Barcelona
14.01. Tupper 3 at Hangar – Barcelona

2016 performances
29.10. The Loft with Avalon Emerson and Courtesy – Barcelona
09.09. Tutu B2B LagOs at Echo Bücher – Berlin
06.08. L’Estrany – Banyoles
and more…


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